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Oh to be a child again! Life was easy then. We could ask all the questions we wanted. We weren’t worried if the questions we asked were silly. If we had a question, we asked it. Simple as that.

However as we have gotten older, we have lost this natural curiosity. We have lost the ability to reach out and ask a question. We have stopped asking for help. Why has this changed?

I was recently at a friend’s daughter’s birthday party. As I was mingling with the people there, I was asked by my friend’s father ‘What do I do for a crust.’ I told him that I was a financial planner. Then waited… What happened next I have seen many times. First it’s the blank look on face. Then follows the head tilt and the eyes looking slightly up and to the side. I can tell he is thinking of something. He has a question. But… Nothing. I know he has a question but does not want ask it. What is he afraid of?

So I ask him, “I bet you have a question” and for the next half hour I’m talking to him and some of his friends on some simple strategies they should consider before they retire.

What this has shown me, and I guess its something we all know; people are afraid to ask their questions.

Here are 3 main reasons I believe people are afraid to ask questions:

1. I don’t want to ask a silly question

Are you worried that your question is silly? Let me say this then, at one point we all believed that the earth was flat. At one point we believed that phones without wires were a joke and that powerful computers in our pockets were the stuff of dreams. Yet there were those that asked the question, and then there were those that found the answers. If you do not go out and ask the questions you will forever be in the dark. You will forever be the silly one.

 2. My situation does not need a financial advisor

I’ll admit that not everyone needs a financial planner. In much the same way that not everyone needs a personal trainer. I mean, everyone can do some push-ups and run around the block right? Using the same logic, everyone should be able to protect what they have, save some money in the bank regularly and invest for the long term correct?

As we all know it’s not that simple. Sometimes we need to be held accountable. To have someone watching over us, making sure we are on track.

So if you think your situation does not warrant the need for a financial advisor? How about this – meet with a financial adviser and let them tell you.

Most advisers do not charge you when you initially meet with them. This is because we need to know if we can help you. We analyse your situation and see where you want to be. If we find that what you are doing is fine then that is it. If however we can help out then we will obviously let you know.

3. Financial planning is only for the rich. The cost is too much

Everyday people rely on doctors, accountants, mechanics and lawyers because they need their help and expertise. Yet with their personal finances I’m amazed that people still have a “do-it-yourself” approach.

I’m not saying that financial advice is expensive. Nor am I saying that you should go out there and find the cheapest guy you can get. All I’m saying is this, at the end of the day, not asking the right questions and not going out there and seeking help can be even more costly.

Bedrock Difference:

I have never worked for the big financial institutions. Today, I am happy to say that we are proudly not aligned with any major bank. I have not had to worry about ‘selling’ particular products or pushing particular targets. All I ever want is to help my clients. Get the answers you need.

Everyone that knows me, knows that I love to chat. I really do enjoy helping people where I can. I get a kick out of helping my clients take control of their money, achieve their goals sooner and start building their wealth for the future.

At Bedrock we answer your questions; big or small, simple or complex, silly or not.

Got a question? Why not ask it? I’d love to chat with you.

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