Investment Strategies

Working will only get you so far. Make your money work for you.

Why is investing important?

If you’re just starting out, beginning an investment program may be something that hasn’t been on your radar. You may be more concerned with how to pay for items like food, housing and petrol. However, if you can scrape together even a small amount of money for investment purposes, you’ll be on your way to creating a much rosier financial picture in the years to come.

There is an important difference between saving and investing. You should save for short-term goals, but you need to invest for long-term goals.

Isn’t investing risky?

Not investing is risky too. Investing involves some form of risk. However the risk is minimised the longer you are able to invest.

% of Australian’s who lost or made money across a number of years:

Made Money Lost Money

1 Yr Period



1 Yr Period



1 Yr Period



It’s about the future

Most people wouldn’t sell their house if they read that property prices may be falling. They certainly wouldn’t have their house valued evey day.

However, when it comes to their investments some people panic at the first sign of a downturn and begin offloading their holdings. For your long term goals, such as saving for retirement or building long term wealth, a more disciplined view is required.

Putting your money to work

If you have a job, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the concept of working for your money. Investing allows you to turn the tide by making your money work for you.

Through the magic of investment returns and compound interest, for example, your accumulated interest and growth actually earns additional money without you having to lift a finger.

What can you invest in?

There are countless ways you can invest your money, the more common ones are:

  • Real estate (investment property)
  • Shares (domestic and international)
  • Bonds
  • Cash
  • Managed funds
  • Infrastructure

Investing can be complex, but it doesn’t need to be hard. Ask us how we can help you achieve your long term investment goals.

James has been a great in helping me build a foundation for the future. He gave me new insight into the importance of insurances and the value it provides to me as a safeguard for my future. He has been very helpful in answering my questions in every single area where I needed his help. I have recommended my closest family and friends to James.
As a young person it was refreshing to speak to James at Bedrock Financial Services. Young adults often believe that financial advice is only for our parents but the fact is we have to plan now whilst we are young. James understands the needs and wants of young adults and was able to provide advice in a way that was understandable to me. His level of customer service is second to none and was with me every step of the way.
My wife and I are both young professionals on good salaries but our investments were ad-hoc, James helped us with a financial plan to move toward owning our own home.
James took the time to understand my personal situation and needs. Being independent, I was confident that the advice provided by Bedrock was tailored to my needs and not structured to fulfil a sales quota.